Web Filtering

In today’s Internet-reliant world where everything that your end-users do relies so heavily on the information and services that are provided on the web, you can’t forget that there is a never ending battle to steer them into harm’s way. If you misspell a URL (website address) and do not have the proper protections in place, your whole day could get redirected to viruses, unwanted software and inappropriate subject matter, the fallout from such a misstep can be catastrophic, causing hours of work to repair the damages or worse. Having an adequate web filter in place that is configured properly can prevent such horrifying scenarios from ever happening in the first place. At the very least, proper web filtering can keep your employees productive by blocking items that should not be viewed during work hours. We think you would be very surprised if we were to place a filter in transparent mode to observe the amount of time that can be spent on non-work related items and malware / phishing attempts.

There are choices with web filtering that mostly revolve around cost. We have solutions for every sized environment. Just because you are fairly small does not mean this is out of reach for you. The costs are minimal for you and certainly save you money spent on system compromises. Larger environments come with a larger price tag but a ROI can easily be realized in terms of productivity and threat protection.

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