Time Management. Everyone knows what it means. But, does everyone know exactly how to effectively manage their time to maximize productively? 

Time is Money on Red Keyboard Button.During these challenging economic times, human resources departments have been working under stringent budgets no matter the company size. Unfortunately, HR professionals are being asked to trim expenses, and almost everyone is wearing more than one hat to get the job done. For HR professionals, this means doing their job effectively without over spending. 

Here are some “How To” tips for managing your time more effectively:

Expedite the hiring process. This can be done by using high tech resources to screen resumes rather than reading each one individually.

Outsource complex tasks. HR professionals typically execute all the scouting, hiring, training, benefits management, employee retention and productivity, payroll, and health and wellness programs. Consider outsourcing the areas that pose a challenge to you.

Keep up with technology. While you might hesitate to spend money to upgrade your HR technology, think about the big picture. Make your goal to find a solution with a single platform. Streamlining your system and eliminating multiple programs will make your life much easier. You will end up saving the company money in the long run. 

Tackle pressing tasks first. Once you do that everything else will fall into place.

Learn to say no. It is easy for your plate to overflow because you say yes to everyone who makes a request. Selectively choose where to invest your time and make commitments.

Concentrate on a single task. In the age of multi-tasking, this is refreshing. Put your phone on silent, close all browser windows on your computer, and block out any other distractions. Pretend nothing else exists and immerse yourself in the task at hand.

The more you set time management processes in place the more efficient and effective you’ll become everyday.