Exit Interviews: The Golden Ticket

Have you ever wanted to know what employees really think about their position, the company, their co-workers and their bosses? As an HR professional the information that is shared with you can often be filtered. Some details are left out and some opinions are stifled since no one wants the HR person to have all

Self-Funding or Fully-Insured — What’s HR to Do?

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been rolled out over the past few years, many employers have been researching the option of self-funding their benefit plans. There are advantages and disadvantages between self-funded or fully-insured plans. The right decision will differ from employer to employer. It can be overwhelming to evaluate between the two

You’re Developing Company Culture Even If You Don’t Mean To

Company culture is the one intangible benefit that can be a deciding factor between retaining or replacing top performers. Employee surveys typically point to their impression of the company, it’s leadership and their managers when making decisions to leave an employer. Employees might find better benefits or better paying positions, but there are almost always

Do Job Descriptions Really Add Value?

Competitive business requires that we keep our skills, technologies and processes efficient and up-to-date. We strive to make sure that we are in-front of client demands and setting the trend in what the market wants. We are driven to improve and keep improving… that is until we bring up job descriptions. Job descriptions are often

Workplace Wellness: Preserving Employees’ Emotional Well Being

Did you know that in 2013 nearly 1 in 5 Americans had a diagnosable mental health condition and many others are at risk? With many employees spending more than one-third of their day at work, this definitely has an impact on the workplace. Fortunately, May is National Mental Health Month. What began as National Mental Health

Hiring Smart: Top Three Tips

Work Smarter Not Harder has been a popular catchphrase for years and is the subject of numerous books  and articles. Companies are becoming better at working smarter. But, what about Hiring Smarter Not Harder? Everyone knows the key to a company’s success is hiring the right people — the best fit with your company’s mission