It is no secret that today’s business climate is ever-changing and constantly evolving. A successful HR manager usually wears a number of hats on any given day. What is the secret to their success? Is it their ability to manage people? Their problem solving skills? Or their finely-honed communication skills?

An informal survey uncovered the following requirements for a successful HR Manager:

HR Expertise: Any HR manager should have a thorough knowledge on the functions of human resources. They should possess a passion for it and actively seek ways to expand their knowledge so they are best equipped to deal with the many challenges this job offers.

HR ManagerOrganizational/Time Management Skills: As I already mentioned, an HR manager wears many hats and must manage their time well to not only complete daily tasks but also deal with issues that suddenly arise.

Communication: An HR manager should not only be a good listener, but also have the ability to effectively communicate employees’ concerns to upper management. This is vital to their success.

Motivator: Again, championing for employees is a major component to being a successful HR manager. Part of this is motivation them to strive to do their best.

Leadership: One way to motivate employees is to set a good example. Do your job to the best of your ability—and in a positive manner—while encouraging employees to do the same.

Here’s Stephen Archer’s take on this topic. He is the director of business consultancy for Spring Partnerships.