Every business has different needs and the technology you use is unique to your work. Our road map to technology success begins with a conversation, an assessment of your location, and a discussion about your goals. It’s our passion to help you develop a technological vision. This is the first step in being pro-active about your technology.  After the initial meeting our team of network engineers will meet and develop a design plan. We will evaluate the many aspects of your business and prepare a comprehensive proposal to help you in the now and the future.


How does technology fit into your business vision? We’ve addressed those questions, shaped those visions, and helped our partners on their own journeys.

We’re business owners too. We know where to look, what to ask, and how to make your technology work for you.


How can we help you get from where you are to where you need to be? We want to put you in a position to know your full technology plan and budget
5-years out. Do you have a technology plan? Is it up to date? We’ve done this work and continue to assist our partners in the important details of planning while drawing a road map to fiscal, long- term success.


What is the current state of your net-work?  Is it ready to build upon as you move forward and grow? Every organization can benefit from a properly designed network emphasizing efficiency and employee productivity. Let us review your systems to ensure you are on a well-built platform.


This is when we put into action the IT projects necessary to bring you closer to the overall technological vision we developed with you. Each project is assigned a project manager that can make sure the proper pool of talent is gathered from our diverse team to deliver absolute quality and success.  We settle for nothing less than properly planned and executed integration.


No single project stands alone – each is a building block within your larger strategy. We design and implement all solutions to meet your needs and work within your plan. Our success is built on your success and satisfaction. We deliver solutions that address every technology need.

Project Management

Project plans and successful execution rely on strong communication. Whether upgrading workstations, adding Wi-Fi, replacing a phone system, or redesigning your network, our team delivers reliable results while keeping you fully apprised for the duration of the project.


Our team approach emphasizes cross- training LICN staff to build a knowledge base that benefits all our partners. We utilize the right technician for the right job and make sure you are provided contingency. Our large talent pool is capable of delivering every need across the I.T. landscape.


You will require a level of support that assures your systems continue to run as well as we have delivered them. We offer 24/7 maintenance contracts to provide you with complete technological peace of mind. We are proud of our ability to deliver pro-active networks. This starts with the consultation phase and certainly continues into the Maintenance phase where we will gladly monitor your network and perform routine maintenance. We guarantee our response times in writing because we know we have you covered.


Businesses need a flexible and diverse I.T. team, a pool of collaborative talent that’s easily accessible and readily available to bring the best to all your staff. The LICN difference is built on a value added model that emphasizes the total solution within your budget. We develop relationships, built on collaboration, trust, and partnership from beginning to end. We don’t believe that one size fits all, so we provide the best staffing, support, and solutions to make us both succeed.


Nobody likes surprises – the best problems are those that go away before they take root. Our proactive maintenance helps protect against those problems before they even happen. We utilize monitoring and reporting technology to keep us all ahead of the game. When issues do arise, we’re on the case with our full team to solve any problem.

Ticket Tracking

Do you have the data to support any decisions that you make regarding I.T. personnel, budgeting, and strategy? Getting a handle on trouble tickets can go a long way towards understanding the strengths of your operation and where it can grow.