Network Design & Security

Network Design & Security

Network Design is an essential part of overall IT strategy. Whether your company is large or small, one office or many remote locations, your business computer systems rely on LAN and WAN communications.  From e-mail to e-commerce, IP-Security to IP-Telephony, a properly designed Converged Network can support all of today’s business needs, while a poorly executed network can leave your business crippled and plagued with ‘random’ system failures.

The LICN team understands the needs of modern technologies, is aware of the demand they place on your network, and has the fundamental knowledge required to support them all. We can architect a solution that will efficiently and cost effectively support all your business’ needs – all this while being scalable, reliable, and manageable.  After fully developing a plan, our Engineers will skillfully integrate the solution into your environment with minimal impact on business operations.

Network Security is more important than ever today.  In a world of high speed connections and wireless devices, data can be stolen, erased, captured or encrypted in the blink of an eye.  LICN employs industry proven best practices to keep your network and systems safe.

LICN tailors a mix of software, security appliances, and business practices to keep your systems physically and virtually protected.  An effective system isn’t just about blocking and protecting, it includes careful monitoring to make sure unauthorized access is rejected and logged while legitimate business processes remain functional and responsive. You focus on your business.  Let us worry about heartbleed,  malware, and worms.

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