Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Tablets play a critical role in today’s education environments, especially for our special needs learners and individualized learning programs. With so many devices being used on a daily basis and under such high demand, it’s critical that your organization uses the appropriate tools to manage these devices. iPad management through the use of third party applications provides the ability to remotely configure, delegate, and keep an up-to-date inventory of your iPads, while maintaining the security and controls needed to assure important information is not compromised.

Devices can be organized in your management application into groups based on their needs. Once they are organized, specific apps, data, restrictions, and other configuration settings can be applied. The configuration settings, which can be pushed out remotely, include:

  • passcode control
  • device restrictions
  • Wi-Fi settings
  • VPN or Email configurations
  • and others

Once the iPad is communicating with the management application, additional central management features are also available. The person managing the devices has the ability to keep an up-to-date inventory of all iPads, as well as:

  • tracking serial numbers
  • determining if the device is out of compliance based rules you set
  • viewing apps currently installed on a device
  • viewing content stored on the device
  • displaying its most recent location based on wireless connectivity

All of these features are accessible in the easy to use central management interface, which also provides a bird’s eye view at your iPad infrastructure. Without this type of management, deploying and managing hundreds of devices could become a serious burden on your I.T. staff, but using these tools to your advantage, makes sure you stay at the top of your game and in the virtual driver’s seat.

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