Your EMR and computing environment will benefit from our proven expertise in the medical field. You require an I.T. support team that is HIPAA aware, EMR savvy, and technically certified. You shouldn’t have to shoulder the added pressures of your computers, network, and phone system. Just as you focus on the wellness of your patients, allow LICN to maintain the health of your numerous I.T. systems.

  • Would you love to see your practice become paperless?
  • Are your clinician rooms touch screen or tablet based yet?
  • Is it better to store your patient data locally or in the “cloud”?

We’ve tackled all these areas and have the team of Technicians and Engineers available to help bring your practice up-to-date. At the center of your practice are your patients. As the technology landscape has shifted from paper to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), what’s the best solution for storing your patient information? In house or in the “cloud”?

What has become a tech buzzword, “cloud“ can mean many things to different people. We find it most often represented as applications or data delivered through the Internet. Though part of that is true, it does little to explain the true nature of cloud and how it can be leveraged in today’s business. Cloud is essentially a highly efficient and resilient infrastructure orchestrated around delivering your systems and applications with ease from anywhere. This can be achieved very cost effectively when building around a hybrid model of combining the strengths of internal and external cloud services.

Internal Cloud translates to ownership of this infrastructure while external can be referred to borrowing this infrastructure from someone else on the Internet. The latter makes a lot of sense when farming out specific functions like web filtering, spam filtering, dial tone, and others. These services can be delivered in a more cost effective way than you could possibly develop internally. However, if everything were to be put into this model you go to the extreme and find that you are renting all of your systems.

We can compare this to purchasing a home. When you take out a mortgage on a home, the bank owns the home and has you pay three times the cost by the time your mortgage is paid. This is where internal cloud saves the day. If you are able to take the hit on year one to own your own systems, you can save yourself the high cost of borrowing. We design around a hybrid model that takes the best of both scenarios to deliver a brilliant overall solution.

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