There are applications for case management, document management and docketing that are only used in law firms, we get it. We know your specific needs and the demand you place on system uptime. That is why our dedication to proactive network design and support would make a great fit for you. Practices that demand critical response time and 24/7 support , we have you covered. LICN monitors and solves issues before you even know they are there. We concern ourselves with your I.T. operations in a way that only a dedicated robustly skilled I.T. team could. Would you like our president or I.T. Director to sit on your Technology Committee? When we partner with you, we are all in.

Please contact us for a consultation and an I.T. assessment which covers network efficiency, network operations, user experience, network security, compliance, and fund appropriation.

Many law firms can benefit from leveraging cloud technologies. It’s important to know which cloud solutions will help your office stay productive while keeping the cost of off-site cloud services down.

What has become a tech buzzword, “Cloud“ can mean many things to different people. We find it most often interpreted as applications or data delivered through the Internet. Though part of that is true, it does little to explain the true nature of cloud and how it can be leveraged in today’s business. Cloud is essentially a highly efficient and resilient infrastructure orchestrated around delivering your systems and applications with ease from anywhere. This can be achieved very cost effectively when building around a hybrid model of combining the strengths of Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). We help organizations use the right “Cloud” tool for the job to achieve their desired reliability and productivity. The best networks we have built all revolve around a Hybrid cloud model blending each of these tools where appropriate.

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