Work Smarter Not Harder has been a popular catchphrase for years and is the subject of numerous books  and articles. Companies are becoming better at working smarter. But, what about Hiring Smarter Not Harder? Everyone knows the key to a company’s success is hiring the right people — the best fit with your company’s mission and vision. Here are three tips to making that happen.

  1. leadin-didyouknowBefore the Interview. Jim Collins writes in Good to Great that “In the good-to-great transformation, people are not your most important asset. The right people are.” He advises HR managers to know what you need before interviewing potential candidates by determining key competencies. Tailor your questions to fit each position you are seeking. Sales skills will be different from administrative skills. Then, advertise the position in print and online. Ask the right questions, i.e. ones that will help you determine whether someone will adapt to your company’s culture. Finally, schedule multiple interviews. Start out with brief phone interviews to weed out inappropriate candidates.
  2. During the Process. Practice the Law of Three. This phrase — coined by authors Brian Tracy and Mark Thompson in Now, Build a Great Business!: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Profits in Any Market — first recommends to interview at least three people for a position — even if you like the first candidate. Interviewing more candidates increase the number of choices you will have to make, and greatly improves your chances of making the right choice. Second, interview the candidate in three different places. The personality of a person can change depending on the venue. Move from the office to a local coffee shop and note any differences in demeanor. Candidates usually make their best impression in the first interview. Finally, have the candidate interviewed by three different people. The more people involved in choosing a potential employee, the more invested the company will be in a new hire.
  3. After the Hire. Make sure your HR platform only has one database — which definitely goes back to the Work Smarter Not Harder philosophy! Once you have completed the hiring process and have the right person in place, why make integrating your new hire more complicated than it has to be? Furthermore, doesn’t it make sense to streamline personnel information for all employees? A workforce management system that offers one time data entry ensures you never have to retype a personnel file, which results in a single point of entry into your entire HR system, a single URL for Payroll, HR & Time and Attendance, increased efficiency and reduced operational time and costs. Instead of getting buried under mounds of paperwork, you have the time and energy to focus on your greatest asset — your workforce.

Rely on the dependable, responsible colleagues you have already surrounded yourself with to assist in the hiring process. Above all, trust your instincts — and your judgment! There must be a reason you are in HR in the first place.