Help Desk & Support

Help Desk & Support

Whether your location is small or large, you can benefit from LICN Help Desk Support. Our Help Desk team is comprised of certified network technicians prepared to troubleshoot and resolve your issues quickly. For smaller offices, why pay for an onsite employee to maintain your technology, when many times, a remote technician can resolve your problems just as effectively? For larger locations who need more than just Help Desk Support, by entering into an LICN Proactive Support contract, you gain access to our technician and engineering teams to be your all-encompassing I.T. partner.

Sometimes issues require feet on ground, and if your issue escalates beyond remote support, we have employees stationed across Long Island who can report onsite to resolve your problem. We are prepared to provide support wherever and whenever needed.

For customers who enter into a partnership with LICN, utilizing our Proactive Support, you will receive a guarantee of our response time in writing. For out of contract support, we have technicians and engineers prepared to assist you as needed, when needed.

Call today to learn how LICN Help Desk can help you achieve I.T. Peace of Mind.

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