You require integrators that understand large project implementation. You need a tight deadline oriented team that is skilled at strategic planning. The success of these projects are not just dependent on the technical expertise but, project management as well. We get that and are all over it. We bring the technical talent necessary, and strong communication to hit the bullseye.

Do you need help writing a RFP or Bid? Our professionals could simplify the process and deliver the knowledge needed to make sure you get what you need.

Could you benefit from our I.T. Audit? Our assessments can help you drive decisions and planning.

Because we are a flexible and diverse I.T. team, a pool of collaborative talent, we can bring you the best. Resources that are easily accessible and readily available, enable you to get projects done on time and under budget.

Could your users benefit from onsite training? LICN is staffed with experienced I.T. directors and hands on trainers who understand the demands on your staff. Our team can assist in all aspects of employee development to support your staff, from computer basics to in-depth workshops.

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