We know the demands on running a successful business – we’re business owners too! Let’s talk bottom line – what’s the cost to your operation when your systems experience unplanned downtime?

Technology has come a long way in this arena and your options are more affordable and better than ever before. Using the proper blend of network design, hardware, and software we can create resiliency for critical systems that leave you unaffected in the event of a disaster. We have options for all budgets to meet the basic need of offsite-backup to the highest demand of full data center redundancy.

Network Design is an essential part of overall IT strategy. Whether your company is large or small, one office or many remote locations, your business computer systems rely on LAN and WAN communications. From e-mail to e-commerce, IP-Security to IP-Telephony, a properly designed Converged Network can support all of today’s business needs, while a poorly executed network can leave your business crippled and plagued with ‘random’ system failures.

The LICN team understands the needs of modern technologies, is aware of the demand they place on your network, and has the fundamental knowledge required to support them all. We can architect a solution that will efficiently and cost effectively support all your business’ needs – all this while being scalable, reliable, and manageable. After fully developing a plan, our Engineers will skillfully integrate the solution into your environment with minimal impact on business operations.

Let’s Talk About Talking

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a homerun every time. If you are not utilizing what this technology has to offer, let us share with you the amazing potential and run a cost analysis. Designing converged networks (data and voice) is a specialty of ours and requires network engineering that sees the big picture. If you have already deployed this technology there still may be more untapped savings by reevaluating your dial tone options. LICN offers $0 upfront phone systems at a monthly rate to deliver you a hybrid cloud voice solution. Our solution is almost half the cost of Lightpath, Shoretel, and Mitel. Imagine never having to worry about your phones again and receiving new handsets every 3 to 5 years. We also deliver fully customer owned systems from Cisco, Avaya, and Asterisk. With us, you have choices.

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