Many dental offices have gone completely digital with their clinical charting, practice management, and dental imaging like x-rays and intra-oral photos. All this data throughput is an added burden on your network infrastructure. Network Design is an essential part of overall IT strategy. Whether your dental practice is large or small, one office or several locations, your computer systems rely on server communications; a poorly executed network can leave your office crippled and plagued with ‘random’ system failures.

Whether your dental system is web-based or locally managed, a solid infrastructure makes all the difference.

  • Have you wanted to take the next step in improving your technology but don’t know where to start?
  • Is patient seat time increasing due to slow computer speeds?
  • Are you utilizing enhancement imaging solutions to improve treatment acceptance?

The LICN team understands the needs of modern technologies, is aware of the demand they place on your network, and has the fundamental knowledge required to support them all. We can architect a solution that will efficiently and cost effectively support all your business’ needs – all this while being scalable, reliable, and manageable. After fully developing a plan, our Engineers will skillfully integrate the solution into your environment with minimal impact on practice operations.

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