Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

What has become a tech buzzword, “Cloud“ can mean many things to different people. We find it most often interpreted as applications or data delivered through the Internet. Though part of that is true, it does little to explain the true nature of cloud and how it can be leveraged in today’s business. Cloud is essentially a highly efficient and resilient infrastructure orchestrated around delivering your systems and applications with ease from anywhere. This can be achieved very cost effectively when building around a hybrid model of combining the strengths of Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). We help organizations use the right “Cloud” tool for the job to achieve their desired reliability and productivity. The best networks we build revolve around a Hybrid cloud model blending each of these tools where appropriate.

We design around a hybrid cloud model 
which takes the best of all cloud options
delivering a brilliant overall solution.

A web based application (Software as a Service – SaaS) is often a great way to deliver a critical application in a much more cost effective way. A business practice discussion and cost analyses can quickly help us answer that question for you and we are here to assist you with that. LICN has delivered custom web applications and effortlessly assisted others in implementing their flavor of choice.

(Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS) sometimes referred to as External Cloud is the equivalent of borrowing your infrastructure from someone else’s data center. It really fits the bill for start ups, those that do not want to outlay first year costs of infrastructure procurement, and those without the real estate to build a redundant data center. Our I.T. Assessments often find that businesses have what is necessary to invest in their own infrastructure (PaaS), discussed below. The costs of using this model to deliver a primary infrastructure is very costly and we woud ask to what advantage? At LICN we use IaaS to deliver diverse geographical Off-site data backup locations. For us, this is the right fit there. Is IaaS the right fit for you? We can certainly ask the right questions to find out. As in life, borrowing at the cost of high interest rates is not always the best strategy, yet sometimes it is a cost of living or doing business. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your options with you.

Owning your own infrastructure (Platform as a Service – PaaS), sometimes refered to as Internal Cloud, is the bees knees. We can design a data center that leverages cloud computing in a way that delivers efficiency and reliability. Your user base can experience their desktops from anywhere and your remote offices can be integrated at a fraction of the cost. Do you have another location? Then we have a place to store your data off-site and build a Disaster Recovery or Disaster Avoidance solution.

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