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Employer Notices: Are You Giving the Right Ones? Does it Matter?

We all know that during a person’s time with a company there are forms that are required. Some of the initial notices are reminders about rights. Some states even have their own required new hire documents. It can be common for smaller employers to overlook the need for these notices. After all, how likely is it

Lunch & Learn Webinar: “Tax Credits: Are Your Leaving Cash on the Table?”

Join Terra HR and Chad Witcher, COO of Neon Workforce Technologies as he presents "Tax Credits: Are Your Leaving Cash on the Table?" WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 25 at 2 p.m. ET WHERE: Your computer or mobile device via AnyMeeting.com WHAT: Attendees will learn about: WOTC: What is it and Why it Should be Important to

Webinar Replay: “New Year, New Laws: 2016 Employment/Labor Law Update”

On Thursday, Jan. 28 at 2 p.m. ET, Michelle Littlewood and Denise Wilson of CoreHR Team joined Terra HR's thought-leadership lunch and learn webinar to share new employer law updates for 2016. Attendees learned about: Trends and agendas of major Federal regulatory agencies (e.g. DOL, EEOC) you can prepare for in advance Changes needed for

Leveraging HR for Profitability

The idea of HR being leveraged to increase profitability may sound ludicrous to some, but let’s challenge that old way of thinking for a moment and consider how this can actually happen. It is true that Human Resources started as an industry meant to keep the peace between management and employees. HR was the policyholder,

Think Before You Fire for Drug Test Results

  It’s common practice for a business to have a drug testing policy. The policy usually states that a positive test result will cause the employee to be terminated or the job offer to be rescinded. Ten or fifteen years ago that policy could have easily been applied and upheld in court. Today’s environment, however,

Consumer-Driven Plans: Don’t Let Fear of Employee Backlash Deter You

Making the decision to adopt a high deductible health plan (HDHP) can feel overwhelming to Human Resources professionals. It is easy to assume employees will hate the benefits, resent management and cause lots of drama before ultimately quitting. While these assumptions have some level of validity, employers can sometimes underestimate adaptability of their workforce. Being

Interviews: How Do You Know Who To Select?

One of the greatest challenges in management is recruitment. There are so many different things to evaluate including: experience, education level, soft skills, teachable skills, personality and natural tendencies. It is not uncommon for managers to have a great deal of anxiety surrounding recruitment. How do you know who the right person for the position

Exit Interviews: The Golden Ticket

Have you ever wanted to know what employees really think about their position, the company, their co-workers and their bosses? As an HR professional the information that is shared with you can often be filtered. Some details are left out and some opinions are stifled since no one wants the HR person to have all

Self-Funding or Fully-Insured — What’s HR to Do?

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been rolled out over the past few years, many employers have been researching the option of self-funding their benefit plans. There are advantages and disadvantages between self-funded or fully-insured plans. The right decision will differ from employer to employer. It can be overwhelming to evaluate between the two

You’re Developing Company Culture Even If You Don’t Mean To

Company culture is the one intangible benefit that can be a deciding factor between retaining or replacing top performers. Employee surveys typically point to their impression of the company, it’s leadership and their managers when making decisions to leave an employer. Employees might find better benefits or better paying positions, but there are almost always